Beach Weather: Thoughts on direction and where to focus my energy.

Wreck Beach is next to University of British Columbia campus. In the sunlight it is completely transformed; lots of pale blue sky makes the long stretch of stones less pensive. There are a mix of older sun wizened hippie types and gay men, and UBC students trying out their heteromasculinities by drinking beer and playing frisbee (still wearing shorts interestingly). I’ve been looking at the sky and ocean and thinking about where I want to focus my energy. I am reflective because the joy of being relaxed on a clothing optional beach reminds me of Palm Beach, on Waiheke Island which is my favourite ‘local’ beach in Aotearoa, and I am struggling to remember why I ever moved off and didn’t return to the Island (Oh yeah. The exorbitant ferry fares while being a student.)

Being on the beach grounds me, and reminds me how vitally important the environment is to me. Since being overseas, I have been getting a more finely tuned sense of what is important to me. I see myself more clearly. I have a stronger sense of where I end and where my communities begin.

Ironically, it’s a feeling that draws me home to the Pacific. I keep coming up with ideas for social activism in Aotearoa. I feel I have more to do in Epeli Hau’ofa’s ‘sea of islands’.


2 thoughts on “Beach Weather: Thoughts on direction and where to focus my energy.

  1. That feeling of being near the ocean is incredibly powerful huh. I remember living in the North of England and even there, where the beaches are just mud with mountains towering over them, I felt so much closer to home just being around the salt air. And the Pacific, when I traveled through the Pacific my thoughts always wandered back to the same conviction – it doesn’t matter where you are – Vancouver, Hawai’i, Kiribati, Fiji, New Zealand, we all share the same ocean and are all connected through it and have a responsibility to care for it and its people. So maybe you’re not really as far removed from the Pacific as you feel x

    Sometimes we need to go away to appreciate what we have on our own doorstep too. Understanding this is surely just part of the learning and growing process!

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